For Students and Historians

Students: I am so happy you found this blog, regardless of what you were looking for. I hope you find the information helpful. But I have to tell you something important: do not cite this blog as an academic source. It is not peer reviewed. I am, in fact, a subject matter expert. Immigration across the border during the Gilded Age/ Progressive Era is sort of my thing. But the blog is just me reasoning things out in writing. I might have an agenda, who knows (well, I know, but that’s neither here nor there)? If you need guidance, are looking for sources, or just have a question, I am here to help. Just don’t cite me.

Historians: I am almost as happy that you are here, because I might be wrong about some things. Actually, I’m probably wrong about some things. Well, really, I’m wrong about some things. One of the reasons for this blog is that I am hoping that other historians find where I need some direction or correction, even if I’m unaware of it, and offer up some help. I’m a little afraid of opening up my process to people who are probably better at it than I am, but I really want the end product, i.e the book, to be the best it can be.


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